Monday, December 29, 2014

in profile: stella corkery

Image reproduced from Station Gallery

Stella Corkery (b. 1960, Tuatapere) graduated from Elam School of Fine Art with an MFA in 2013.

Episodic Nomadic Image reproduced from Gloria Knight Gallery

Image reproduced from Station Gallery   

Episodic Nomadic Image reproduced from Gloria Knight Gallery

Recent exhibitions include Caravan, Station, Melbourne, 2014; Freedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, 2013 (group); and Episodic Nomadic, Gloria Knight, Auckland, 2013.

sarah laing: in review

Three Words co-editor Sarah Laing talks about her Katherine Mansfield graphic novel-in-progress in her year in review over at the Pikitia Press Blog.

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the comics reporter: matt emery mentions three words

Matt Emery gives Three Words top billing and a much appreciated mention in comics news of the year, over at The Comics Reporter - as well as talking gender/bullying/representation - huge thanks to him and Pikitia Press for continued support and for being a great ally against discrimination in the industry!

Friday, December 5, 2014

mary tamblyn, in review

Three Words contributor Mary Tamblyn reviews her year, on the Pikitia Press blog.

square planet squared

Tara Black wrote a follow-up to her post on Square Planet, about Three Words and the desire and down-sides for women's visibility in comics.

Monday, December 1, 2014

in profile: adele jackson

"The Owl Kids"

"I am a Wellington illustrator and (I've been told) an all-round formidable woman."

Character study from "The Owl Kids"

"'The Owl Kids’ is a serialised story for a regular illustration spot I do in the Forest and Bird 'Wild Things’ kids magazine. It’s about a family of (adopted) kids who live in a camper van with their ornithologist mum who is searching for the laughing owl. They stumble on some bird smugglers and do their best to catch them."

"This is a piece of work I did about pre european Māori for Te Kura Pounamu The Correspondence School."

"I work in a tiny garret in a historic Cuba St building that I share with three art galleries and fellow artist, illustrator and awesome comic creator Bob Kerr."

"Comic art is a new thing for me and I’m keen to use it to tell unsung women’s narratives and bring their stories to light."

Extract from "Minnie's Story"

"My comic submission [to Three Words] is about my Māori great-grandmother who lived for a time in a slab hut in the Wairarapa, when the 40 mile bush was felled for road rail and farmland, some time around 1900."

in profile: emma blackett

"I’m 21 and studying postgrad gender and media studies at Auckland Uni. I am quite ambitious academically, so a bit slow at producing comics, but I love making/reading them very much."

"I have one bigger project of bits of stories about the Wolf Girls (my submission [to Three Words] is the beginning). I’ve also been making little pencil drawings with no words, [see above] about travelling and holidays in New Zealand and overseas. They were made as gifts for family, friends and some of my wonderful teachers/mentors."

"Here’s a link to one of my postcard comics."