Wednesday, November 25, 2015

press release

Stop Press! Scoop posted this press release for Three Words - thanks, Scoop.

nik perring: an excited thing

Author of the beautifully illustrated series Beautiful Trees and Beautiful Words; as well as Freaks - illustrated by comic book artist. Darren Craske; Not So Perfect; and I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do?, Nik Perring, invited Rae Joyce, AKA Rachel Fenton, to his blog to talk about Three Words. And he said this aboout it:

"It’s because the whole thing just drips with goodness – it’s the sort of thing that anyone and everyone should be excited about. It’s an excited thing". 

Thanks, Nik! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

three words pre-orders: live

Click on cover to pre-order

You can now pre-order your copy of Three Words: An Anthology of Aotearoa / NZ Women's Comics at a special pre-order price of $45! Estimated delivery date: 3rd of March, 2016.

"A brilliant, collaborative, manifold project, 'Three Words' features all kinds of comics from all kinds of Kiwi women, a vast and varied representation of the beautiful diversity that makes up women's comics in New Zealand – a completely unprecedented collection." Beatnik

With comics by Adele Jackson, Alex McCrone, Alex Wild, Alice Tumblescribbleson, Alie Macpherson, Andra Jenkin, Bek Coogan, Anna Crichton, Beth Duckingmonster, Beth Sometimes, Carolyn Anderson, Celia Allison, Claire Harris, Dawn Tuffery, Demarnia Lloyd, Diane Rimmer, Elsie Jolliffe, Emma Blackett, Erin Fae, Debra Boyask, Giselle Clarkson, Indira Neville, The Rabbid, Jem Yoshioka, Jessica Dew, Jessica Hansell, Joanna Anderson, Judy Darragh, Kayla Oliver, Kerry Ann Lee, Lauren Marriott, Margaret Silverwood, Olga Krause, Linda Lew, Lisa Noble, Liz Mathews, Loux McLellan, Lucy Meyle, Maiangi Waitai, Marina Williams, Mary Tamblyn, Mengzhu Fu, Mirranda Burton, Miriam Harris, Pritika Lal, Rachel Benefield, Rachel Shearer, Rae Joyce, Raewyn Alexander, Rebecca Hawkes, Renee Jones, Rosemary McLeod, Warsaw, Sally Bollinger, Sarah Laing, Sarah Lund, Sharon Murdoch, Sophie McMillan, Sophie Oiseau, Stella Corkery, Susan Rugg, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Suzanne Claessen and Zoe Colling.

And essays by Robyn Keneally, Ruth Boyask, Jem Yoshioka, Miriam Sapphira and Rae Joyce.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

in profile: becky hunt

Becky is a graphic designer & illustrator who works in Auckland, New Zealand. In her spare time she draws comics for alongside her fiancé, Izak.

When she was just out of high school, she tripped and fell into the chasm between art and design, recovered from the mortal wound of not getting into the second year of art school and crawled out the other side as an ungodly combination of designer, artist& illustrator.

When she’s not working, drawing, or reading, you’ll probably find her trying to get Izak Flash to stop playing video games and give her all the cuddles she desires.