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in profile: stella corkery

Image reproduced from Station Gallery

Stella Corkery (b. 1960, Tuatapere) graduated from Elam School of Fine Art with an MFA in 2013.

Episodic Nomadic Image reproduced from Gloria Knight Gallery

Image reproduced from Station Gallery   

Episodic Nomadic Image reproduced from Gloria Knight Gallery

Recent exhibitions include Caravan, Station, Melbourne, 2014; Freedom Farmers: New Zealand Artists Growing Ideas, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland, 2013 (group); and Episodic Nomadic, Gloria Knight, Auckland, 2013.

sarah laing: in review

Three Words co-editor Sarah Laing talks about her Katherine Mansfield graphic novel-in-progress in her year in review over at the Pikitia Press Blog.

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the comics reporter: matt emery mentions three words

Matt Emery gives Three Words top billing and a much appreciated mention in comics news of the year, over at The Comics Reporter - as well as talking gender/bullying/representation - huge thanks to him and Pikitia Press for continued support and for being a great ally against discrimination in the industry!

Friday, December 5, 2014

mary tamblyn, in review

Three Words contributor Mary Tamblyn reviews her year, on the Pikitia Press blog.

square planet squared

Tara Black wrote a follow-up to her post on Square Planet, about Three Words and the desire and down-sides for women's visibility in comics.

Monday, December 1, 2014

in profile: adele jackson

"The Owl Kids"

"I am a Wellington illustrator and (I've been told) an all-round formidable woman."

Character study from "The Owl Kids"

"'The Owl Kids’ is a serialised story for a regular illustration spot I do in the Forest and Bird 'Wild Things’ kids magazine. It’s about a family of (adopted) kids who live in a camper van with their ornithologist mum who is searching for the laughing owl. They stumble on some bird smugglers and do their best to catch them."

"This is a piece of work I did about pre european Māori for Te Kura Pounamu The Correspondence School."

"I work in a tiny garret in a historic Cuba St building that I share with three art galleries and fellow artist, illustrator and awesome comic creator Bob Kerr."

"Comic art is a new thing for me and I’m keen to use it to tell unsung women’s narratives and bring their stories to light."

Extract from "Minnie's Story"

"My comic submission [to Three Words] is about my Māori great-grandmother who lived for a time in a slab hut in the Wairarapa, when the 40 mile bush was felled for road rail and farmland, some time around 1900."

in profile: emma blackett

"I’m 21 and studying postgrad gender and media studies at Auckland Uni. I am quite ambitious academically, so a bit slow at producing comics, but I love making/reading them very much."

"I have one bigger project of bits of stories about the Wolf Girls (my submission [to Three Words] is the beginning). I’ve also been making little pencil drawings with no words, [see above] about travelling and holidays in New Zealand and overseas. They were made as gifts for family, friends and some of my wonderful teachers/mentors."

"Here’s a link to one of my postcard comics."

Sunday, November 30, 2014

square planet

Tara Black has written a really interesting piece over at Square Planet about why we need to publish a book of women's comics for everyone, for history.

Thanks, Tara!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

deadline reminder

Get your three words subbed!

If you're late giving them, you'll be late getting them, which translates into less time to draw your Three Words strip.

If you're having trouble thinking up three words, the following may inspire:
late, tardy, deadline, delay....submit your three words today!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

in profile: kerry ann lee

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.07.53 pm

I'm an artist, designer, educator and zine-maker from Wellington, New Zealand. 

Kitchen Universe (2007). From KAL's Masters thesis.
Kitchen Universe (2007). Image from KAL’s Masters thesis and Home Made book.

Kerry Ann Lee, <EM>Home Made: Picturing Chinese settlement in New Zealand</EM>, 2007, 52 pages, full-colour, case-bound book. 380 x 278 mm. Photographs by Kerry Ann Lee.
 Kerry Ann Lee, Home Made: Picturing Chinese settlement in New Zealand, 2007, 52 pages, full-colour, case-bound book. 380 x 278 mm. Photographs by Kerry Ann Lee. 

I make a zine called Permanent Vacation.

 Eternal favourite things include letter writing, glitterfetti, punk rock 
 Poster for PUNK FEST 1999 designed by Kerry Ann Lee. Image from the Up the Punks archive!

and random junk.


Home Made Installation.

Home Made Installation (2008), Toi Poneke Gallery. “I find a lot of descendants from migrant families in NZ get this piece – they understand it because its similar in their families – collecting and hoarding random junk as a form of stake hold in settlement.”

All images reproduced with artist's permission from the following sites:

Saturday, November 22, 2014

creative new zealand: three words thanks

We are extremely grateful to Creative New Zealand for awarding us a grant to fund Three Words. This means that as well as covering our printing and production costs, we can also pay our contributors. Fom this project's conception, remuneration was something that Indira, Sarah and me (Rae) felt was really important and to achieve it for our contributors is beyond brilliant and a tangible first step towards redressing the gender and status imbalance in mainstream NZ comics literature! Thank you, CNZ!

We'd like to extend our thanks to  Thanks so much to Ruth Boyask, Dylan Horrocks, Ant Sang and Tim Bollinger for their amazing references, and to Alie Mcpherson and Jessica Hansell aka Coco Solid for permitting us to use their work in the proposal.

Thanks, too, to Sarah for working really hard to put together our successful funding application. There's no stopping Three Words now!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

in profile: suzanne claessen

Suzanne Claessen is a Dunedin-based writer, illustrator, and beekeeper. Her work aims to reconcile earthly concerns – such as environmental degradation and consumerism – with imagination and the bizarre. 
She is always on the lookout for opportunities to turn the ghastly and sombre into the wonder contained in nature and mankind. 
Surrealism and existentialism are her guides.

in profile: celia allinson

"Celia Allison is the creator of Cecily. She grew up in rural Canterbury, and attended school in Timaru and Christchurch. After leaving school Celia gained a Bachelor of Science from Otago University. It was at this point that her left brain took over from her right and she moved North to Wellington to complete a Diploma in Visual Communication Design, in illustration and graphic design, at Wellington Polytechnic. Following her graduation Celia worked in illustration and graphic design in Wellington and in London. In 1988 Celia returned from Europe and started Moa Revival, a stationery company producing products with a notable emphasis on Kiwiana. In the late 1990s a cartoon about a single woman living alone began to take shape; by 2000 this hobby had gained enough attention to demand an audience of it's own."

"The cartoon character was, of course, Cecily. What you see here is the culmination of many hours at the drawing-board following a great many more hours spent talking, laughing and drinking with friends. Not that we are suggesting for one minute that Cecily is autobiographical.The bob hair cut, iconic glasses, the years spent as a single woman and enthusiasm for life are just coincidental, right?"

in profile: linda lew

Linda Lew started her first comic series Anz and Dot in 2012, armed with colouring in pencils and bad bird-related humour. 
Anz and Dot are two anthropomorphic birds that are a bit too smug and cynical for their own good, but they mean well. Linda tries do comics on bird related activities or observations but seeing as she's not an ornithologist, it can be a bit difficult at times. So the topics in this series are wide ranging.

Other than comics, Linda is passionate about drawing, creating and making zines (she's one of the organisers for Auckland Zinefest). You can see a range of Linda's works at her blog.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

in profile: maiangi waitai


I'm an artist and kindergarten teacher in Wellington. A Whanganui art school grad, I love to paint, draw, collage and sew in a variety of mediums and forms.

Woven throughout my work are a collection of characters and possible story lines, but I think the main theme is simply the love of creativity, color, and imagination...

...check out my website for more

Thursday, October 30, 2014

in profile: alice tumblescribbleson

Alice the Musical

My name is Alice Tumblescribbleson, I'm from Auckland, I like cheese, fanta, filled rolls, quantum leap, the incredible hulk and the moon.

 Lickity Lick Lick

Drawing is my favourite thing to do.
My characters include
-Little Slingy
-Tojo the worlds prettiest wolf
-Frank the zombie
and Me, Alice, we all star in numerous drawings, childrens books and  comics including
-Horsie loves Alice part 1 and 2 and (comming soon) 3.
-Human vomit 2
-the true meaning of friendship
Horsie Loves Alice

woop woop.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

in profile: ducklingmonster

 "My Pedals Kiss Me Deadly". P7

  "My Pedals Kiss Me Deadly". P8

  "My Pedals Kiss Me Deadly". P12

  "My Pedals Kiss Me Deadly". P13

The full version of "My Pedals Kiss Me Deadly" can be read at the Auckland public library or here. And Maryann Savage wrote a review of it here.

"These comics are the kipple of music, romance, hairballs,  horror, insects, space dust, movies, and megaflora off the bedroom floor and on to the copier. Ducklingmonster performs music solo with beats, lights, vocals, and good manners. She also plays in The Futurians and The Maltese Falcons."
You can also find work by Ducklingmonster on Tumblr, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Vimeo. What are you waiting for? 


Friday, October 10, 2014

in profile: olga krause

Cover for 'Staunch'

In her own words: "This is the title page for an art school project in 1985. It was a hand-bound book that I made entitled 'Staunch'. The entire book was based on the language that we used in Tokoroa, my hometown."  

Serigraphic print on paper 

"I was born and raised in Tok - my parents came over in the big migratory wave of the late 50s early 60s"

We urge you to visit Olga's website for more of her art and information. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

in profile: giselle clarkson


Giselle Clarkson is a freelance illustrator from Wellington, New Zealand. Her work includes

pictures for children;

pictures for grown-ups;

editorial and print work.

Giselle studied Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury and has two chickens.