Monday, December 1, 2014

in profile: adele jackson

"The Owl Kids"

"I am a Wellington illustrator and (I've been told) an all-round formidable woman."

Character study from "The Owl Kids"

"'The Owl Kids’ is a serialised story for a regular illustration spot I do in the Forest and Bird 'Wild Things’ kids magazine. It’s about a family of (adopted) kids who live in a camper van with their ornithologist mum who is searching for the laughing owl. They stumble on some bird smugglers and do their best to catch them."

"This is a piece of work I did about pre european Māori for Te Kura Pounamu The Correspondence School."

"I work in a tiny garret in a historic Cuba St building that I share with three art galleries and fellow artist, illustrator and awesome comic creator Bob Kerr."

"Comic art is a new thing for me and I’m keen to use it to tell unsung women’s narratives and bring their stories to light."

Extract from "Minnie's Story"

"My comic submission [to Three Words] is about my Māori great-grandmother who lived for a time in a slab hut in the Wairarapa, when the 40 mile bush was felled for road rail and farmland, some time around 1900."

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