Thursday, September 18, 2014

meet the editors: indira neville

Indira Neville has been making comics for twenty years, both on her own and in collaboration with others. She is a passionate self-publisher and relishes both the control of content and randomness of distribution this approach provides. Indira has produced over fifty comic titles, and is probably best known for her classic nineties riot girl mini-comic ‘Nice Gravy’, which ran for five years and fifteen issues. 


She has appeared in numerous New Zealand and Australian exhibitions and anthologies, including Oats, Dad and Tracey, My Soiled Sample, Pictozine, Tiny Peeks, Blood and Thunder, My Life as a Mega-rich Bombshell, and Loser Gurrl. Her work has also appeared in the mainstream magazines Fink, Pavement, Loose, and Werewolf, and she is a regular contributer to the published Melbourne comics periodical Dailies. 

Indira is currently editing an anthology of ‘weird’ mini-comics for Pikitia Press.  In addition Indira is a mother, and a musician. She has played in bands for years, currently fronting pop noise trio The Biscuits. She is also a committed educator and has worked as a school teacher, principal, professional development provider, and policy analyst. In 2005 she was recognized as a world Microsoft innovative teacher of the year for her work regarding e-learning and gifted underachievers. Indira currently works as a Principal advisor at the National Library of New Zealand. 


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