Thursday, September 18, 2014

three words: an introduction

Three words is the working title for a smart anthology of New Zealand women's comics being put together by Rae Joyce, Sarah Laing and Indira Neville.

The book will incorporate both existing and new work. We want to make visible the depth and breadth of New Zealand women’s comics; showing off some of the beautiful, amazing and often-unseen women’s comics of the past, as well as providing an opportunity for collaboration and the creation of new book-specific pieces via the Three words concept. Interested? Three words wants you.

Submitting works

Send us up to three pages of comics. These can be existing or new works, black and white or colour, one long story, several short strips, or single-panel cartoons. Send them to us as jpgs, tiffs or pdfs. They need to be 300dpi at A4 size (210mm x 297mm)

Please send us this by Oct 31.

Send submissions to: threewords AT outlook DOT co DOT nz

Tell us if and where your submission has appeared previously, in print or online. While we are keen to showcase as many comics as possible, space is limited and therefore your submission will be subject to an editorial process. Please don’t let this stop you!

Three words

If your submission is successful you will be invited to provide us with three words (any words!) to be shared with another contributor who will use them however they like to create a new comic. You in turn will receive three words to do the same. This concept gives us an opportunity to collaborate and to make exciting new comics for the book.

Also as a contributor… will need to submit a short biography, self portrait, and picture of the number ‘3’ (for the cover).

In recognition of your contribution you will receive a free copy of the book, and an invitation to the bangin’ launch party. You will also retain copyright of any work appearing in the book.

Deadlines and actions

1. Please submit up to three pages of comics to this email address by Oct 31.

2. If your submission is successful, we will notify you by Nov 10, then ask for ‘three words’.

3. Please send us three words by Nov 30. You will receive three words by Dec 1.

4. Please submit your ‘three words’ comic, bio, self-portrait and number three by Jan 20.

Funding and organisation

We intend to apply for Creative NZ funding for this book. If unsuccessful, we will crowd-fund it, so it will happen either way!

A Facebook group has been set up to explore ideas and coordinate the production of the book. If you're keen to submit, we'll invite you to join and any help will be gratefully received.
And finally, please feel free to forward this invite to any other women who did or do make comics!

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