Monday, December 14, 2015

in profile: caroline anderson

Caroline Anderson, aka Crystal Diamond, is an existential rogue
scholar who subscribes to her own founded philosophy, The
Party Within (a smart casual connecting principle). Currently
writing a book of the same name, Caroline perpetually unpacks
snack-sized renditions of her explosive psychic experiences
in a roundabout oblique fashion that draws newcomers into
the story as it is penned. Her dedication to party artistry
reflects a dedication to continued improvement of the overall
vibe of Earth. Resourcefully revelling in simple tasks while
deeply investing in human relationships is her signature
move. She is doing this by way of an epistolary Peace Party
Puzzle, distributing original handwritten writings (riddled with
drawings) to selected parties by post, planting psychic seeds
and crystallising invisible connections between disparate
parties, an instinctive method that reveals its importance layer
by layer as time rolls around on itself. Caroline happened into
the art world when suddenly she had a lot to say, and needed a
forgiving word to shelter under. Art is her new umbrella.

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